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With Kyla Fox

Understanding your eating disorder behaviours in life so you can stop them with food and body.


7:00 - 9:00PM


COST: $160


The more common understanding of eating disorders is that they are about food and the body.  They’re not. They’re about a person - their life story, experiences, relationships, family, trauma, self-concept, sense of worth, genetic makeup, etc.  It is through the eating disorder behaviors - binging, purging, and restricting - that food and the body become an articulation for all of this; a means of controlling, avoiding, denying, protecting, negating, repressing, all of this. 


This workshop is about uncovering the eating disorder symptoms - binging, purging, and restricting - but in life, and understanding how they manifest there.  Developing a deeper awareness of the life symptoms and learning how to confront them, will help to shift away from food and body harm more permanently.


This New Year, I invite you to finally get free from the eating disorder. In order to do so, there needs to be a deeper understanding of where it’s rooted in you. This workshop will begin to help you see the eating disorder symptoms more clearly in your life, better understand the purpose of the life symptoms, and teach you how to confront them directly. 


This workshop will jumpstart your recovery in a whole new way - connecting you more deeply to your body, your life, yourself!


Join Kyla, for this two-hour interactive workshop. It will include a lecture and discussion, plus you will receive the lecture along with journaling resources after the workshop to help you continue on with this work. 


We ask all participants to show up with the camera on, and ready to participate as if this session was in-person.

If you have any questions about our individual or group services, please call us at 416.518.0440 or email us at anytime!


One-hour initial consultation. Call 416-518-0440 or email to learn more or book today!

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