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Welcome To The Kyla Fox Centre Blog!


Hello and welcome to the new Kyla Fox Centre blog!

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you personally. As we mark the 11th anniversary of the Kyla Fox Centre, it feels like a good time to embark on a new path to share some deep dive content across a wide variety of topics.

I opened the Kyla Fox Centre in February of 2012 to bridge the gap between people who need comprehensive eating disorder treatment and the lack of resources that were available in the Toronto community. I myself encountered massive barriers to care with long waitlists and medical professionals who had very limited eating disorder knowledge. I was forced to embark on my recovery journey on my own and I set out on a mission to ensure that those affected by eating disorders could receive treatment right when they needed it.

For the past 11 years, I have watched the Kyla Fox Centre grow into a community of dedicated and highly skilled clinical professionals. I have witnessed countless clients committed to their recovery journeys. I have seen parents, siblings, friends and partners seeking deeper understanding, doing this work together, so they can support their loved ones along their journey, and make the changes they also need to make for the betterment of their family and relationships overall. I have experienced a wider community of people looking to learn more and seek perspective about eating disorders and disordered eating.

The Kyla Fox Centre blog will be leaning into some content that offers perspectives, thoughts and support of the Eating Disorder community, those facing disordered eating, as well as those who love and support them. We will also be providing a safe space for our clients to share their stories and challenges as a means of encouraging others to seek support and understand they are not alone.

This blog will offer an array of commentary on the media and their role in perpetuating body dysmorphia, thoughts on diet culture and the societal pressures that ensue, valuable resources to identify warning signs and support those affected by disordered eating, personal stories to provide insights and awareness, and so much more. We hope this new longer form content will prove to be a useful and valuable resource library.

I also look forward to sharing thoughts and perspectives as a mother, woman, yogi, entrepreneur and clinical professional and sharing my personal journey with you as I embrace a new adventure with my family this year.

I am excited to launch this blog!! It’s a new way to connect, create conversations, educate and inform, provide resources, celebrate the wins, and share new ideas and perspectives in a safe space.

I invite you to join us, share with us, and connect with us as we embark on this new journey.


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