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Our Philosophy


The Kyla Fox Centre is the first of its kind private eating disorder recovery centre in Toronto. We provide a full spectrum of individualized and custom tailored treatment ranging from those who require the utmost intensive treatment program (7 days per week, 10 hours per day), through to those who have established more stability in recovery and therefore require work around transitioning back into life/relapse prevention.

Two-pronged approach


We believe that eating disorder recovery requires two main areas of focus that must be addressed jointly in treatment. Because eating disorders live in the mind but show themselves through food and the body, we address recovery working these two pieces together, which allows for a full recovery:

Intensive Clinical Therapy

Intensive Clinical Therapy to uncover the root causes of the harm (psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and familial, through having a negative self-concept). Our Master Level Clinicians offer individualized treatment using some or all of the following clinical modalities: CBT, CBT-E, MBCT, DBT, IPT, Narrative, Psychoanalytic or Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Solution Focused and Trauma Focused Therapies, from a strengths-based as well as a family systems lens.

Holistic Healing

Clinical Nutrition, Integrative Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Reiki, Art Therapy and Meal Support Services all of which directly address the harm and need for re-connectedness in both food and the body.

Individual process


Although eating disorder symptoms may look similar amongst people suffering, the reasons behind why a person suffers are unique to them. Because of this, our Centre does not operate from a “one-size-fits-all” approach, instead we develop and design individualized treatment plans for each and every client to best suit their personal needs for recovery.

Circle of care


We are a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals who work very closely together to ensure the stability of our clients. The continuity and openness among the team allows for clients to feel safe and guided clearly in their work. It also means that each client has a multitude of professional lenses working together to best inform their personal process.



The work and skills learned at the Centre are all for the purpose of being translated back into life outside the Centre, so to ensure recovery continues in life. This allows for our clients to transition safely into the world given the growth and tools they have utilized in the Centre. By developing healthy coping mechanisms through their work with us, clients are able to transition into life positively and live more fully. Clients work with us long-term to ensure relapse prevention.

No wait lists


Most eating disorder treatment centres have lengthy waitlists leaving those desperate to get well with nowhere to turn. At the Centre, we believe that no one should wait for treatment and so should you be a fit with us, you can begin your work right away.

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