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Given the current climate in our world today, we are shifting our Symptom Interruption Program over to virtual technology. See below for details!

What is virtual individualized treatment?


We believe no two people have the same eating disorder and therefore no two people will require the same treatment. At The Kyla Fox Centre, treatment is designed to address the unique presentation of each person’s eating disorder and their personal needs in recovery, while taking into account their life circumstances/commitments. All appointments are scheduled virtually throughout the day making up individual treatment plans.

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What would a typical schedule look like?

Virtual symptom interruption will maintain the value of individualized treatment design. Therefore, daily schedules can vary depending on whether a person needs to add onto their meal support with additional appointments such as therapy, nutrition, naturopathy and embodiment (you can look on the website for further information). At the very minimum the program schedule will be built around three to five virtual meal times daily. The days will begin with breakfast and end after evening snack with individual appointments interwoven throughout the day depending on the level of support required.

The virtual program runs seven days per week for 6 weeks. At the end of week six, a virtual team meeting will take place (with the client) in order to thoughtfully plan for their ongoing care, transition or termination post week six.

Each supervised meal time can be done in a virtual group setting (with one client or more) and/or in an individual setting with a practitioner. One may be more appropriate over the other and an assessment would be done in order to determine which setting is best to begin with.

What would a typical meal plan look like?

Each person will have their unique plan designed for their goals and needs by a registered dietitian. We professionally guide a person’s food intake to support them where they are at in terms of eating patterns, rules and rituals, while assuring the development of regulation, stabilization and symptom interruption .The virtual Symptom Interruption Program at minimum includes an initial nutrition session where meal planning details are discussed. Ongoing weekly meal plans will be included.

Individualized food support

In addition to having virtual meal support with practitioners, there are options to:

Virtually guide clients through grocery tours

Virtually guide clients through food preparation in their own homes

Virtual food exposures as needed and decided between the client and dietitian



What is the cost?

The first step for anyone interested in this program is to participate in an virtual initial consultation. Assessment is required to determine individual treatment design and level of appropriateness. Total and daily cost is impacted by whether an individual chooses to participate in supervised meal support only or to add on additional services. A minimal amount of therapeutic support is required as engaging in treatment in any way can bring upon emotional discomfort. As always, charges are based on services and appointments received. You will get a cost estimate after the initial consultation where recommendations can be made and more detailed questions explored.

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