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Managing Weight Control and Eating Disorders During Isolation


Diet Culture. What happens when it trickles down to kids?

Toronto Star

Kyla speaks about the power of Body Positivity

After This Mom Recovered From an Eating Disorder, She Changed Her Career to Help Other Women

The EveryMom

Kyla Fox: A better vision of body image


Recovering from an eating disorder over 30


How to recognize your child's eating disorder

A Prisoner No MoreU of T Magazine
We Need to Talk About Eating Disorders in People Over 30

Notable Life

10 Signs You May Have An Eating Disorder – And What To Do About It

Best Health Magazine

These Hashtags Are Supposed to Be Inspirational, but They’re Seriously Harming Some Users


Why you shouldn’t try to get your pre-baby body back

Today's Parent

Don't tell me my baby is fat

Today's Parent

Good Programs for Eating Disorders

Women of Influence - Meet Kyla Fox

'To The Bone' Only Scrapes The Surface Of Life With An Eating Disorder

Huffington Post

Disordered eating: Can healthy eating go too far?

Canadian Living

My Calmer, Happier Life After Having a Baby

The Globe & Mail

How Do I Support a Loved One with an Eating Disorder?

The Globe & Mail

Recovery from an Eating Disorder is Surrounded in Myths

The Globe & Mail

Navigating that Frightening Time of Pregnancy After an Eating Disorder

The Globe & Mail

What it’s Like to Live with an Eating Disorder

The Globe & Mail

Urban Moms – Empowering Parenting: Balance

Rethinking Eating Disorders

Gleaner Community Press

The Winter Blahs

Empowering Parenting: Sleep

Urban Moms – Mine, Mine, Mine!!

Urban Moms – Back to School Again!

Urban Moms – Empowering Parenting: Consequences and Rewards

Ask Kyla, Family Therapist

Keys to Empowering Parenting

Empowering Parenting: Separation and Divorce

The Shifting Landscape of Childhood Friendships

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