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Attending regularly scheduled meals allows for food regulation and accountability, both of which are key to the elimination of food symptoms.

As you give yourself over to the scheduled times and follow your particular plan, it can aid in quieting the noise around what to eat, when to eat, and all of the Eating Disorder thoughts that show up around food.

It is an opportunity to sit with others and one of our practitioners, who can support you and encourage you during your meal. We can all use a bit more encouragement and support!

Breakfast 7:30am +  Lunch 12:30pm + 
Dinner 5:00pm + Evening Snack 7:30pm


Single Group Session $50
Single Private Session $100*



You must be a client at the centre to join.  If you are not a client at the centre, we can schedule an Initial Consultation to discuss with Kyla what your best option is to move forward with.  Upon completion of the consult, we would book you in with our Registered Dietician to come up with a food plan that would best suit you! 

*If you're unable to join the group sessions, we can schedule one-on-one meal support with one of our practitioners

If you have any questions about our individual or group services, please call us at 416.518.0440 or email us at anytime!


One-hour initial consultation. Call 416-518-0440 or email to learn more or book today!

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